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    1 year, 7 months ago
    Hello all. We are off to a good start with the Members Area. Several people have registered and are starting to join the Discussion Groups. Michael Stoltz (our PR guy) and I will be putting out some announcements about the area soon. In the meantime, please feel free to customize your profile including adding a personal picture and other details, and please help us seed the discussion groups with interesting topics that members can talk about. I’m sure in a couple months this place will be hopping! We also will be making improvements to everything here and connecting with some of our other discussion areas such as our Slack technical project chat, our various Google Groups, and the New Mars Forums ( which have been going strong since 2001!
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James Burk

IT Director, The Mars Society

James Burk is a technology industry manager, software developer, and engineering project manager.  Formerly with Microsoft, James has worked for over 20 years on Agile software development projects, and has led teams to create many different types of large & scalable software solutions.  James is a founding member of the Mars Society, and (since 2011) our Webmaster & IT Director.  In his capacity with our organization, James is responsible for keeping all of our public outreach websites and social media channels modern, relevant, and effective.  James is also the Director and Program Manager of our MarsVR Program, which creates open source Virtual Reality tools to support our analog research program and to better tell the story of the human exploration and settlement of Mars to the younger generations.


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