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    3 months ago
    Avoid these 5 common mistakes in caring for your ESA cat | 2021 Guide 
    Emotional Support great pyrenees (ESAs) have really become the need of the time, especially for the people suffering from anxiety and depression. Your ESAs may prevent you from panic attacks. They may help you sleep comfortably at night and can prevent you from getting negative thoughts as well.

    This is not all. The ESAs come with huge benefits. Anxiety is one of the principal signs that you are under pressure. It’s characterized as feeling uncomfortable, stressed, or apprehensive, particularly when one isn’t sure about a specific result. Contingent upon the force, uneasiness can be ordinary or go past what is trustworthy. Panic attacks are basic in nearly everybody, except the span and strength are what fluctuates from individual to individual.
    Remember! If you move with ESA to some restaurant, park, or new flat, authorities might ask you to produce a  siamese cat animal letter. For most of the facilities do not allow pets or animals.
    However, you must avoid some common mistakes while handling your emotional support animal, especially cats.

    • Free feeding – cats are so demanding when it comes to food, and we give in because it’s easier. Most house cats get overweight in a very short amount of time from all those loving calories.


    • Mouthiness is a natural interaction between cats that humans don’t enjoy. You can diminish these several ways: provide a feline playmate to match the energy, don’t reprimand but calmly say no and slowly remove your hand


    • Scratching is a basic instinct of all cats. Even a declawed cat will scratch. Not only does scratching file their nails, but it also provides necessary yoga-like postures to help their general well-being. Scratching in retaliation of an undesired overture of calico cat is a basic instinct and an early line of defense.

    It’s usually preceded by a hiss or growl and is followed by a bite if the warning isn’t taken. Providing appropriate scratching posts in areas where the cat wants to scratch should help with the furniture; paying attention to body language and understanding what triggers the cat will be far more effective than yelling, hitting, spraying, etc. Cats don’t do well with negative reinforcement. You’re going to want to praise the heck out of your cat when you get the reaction you want from him.

    • Cats climb. If he’s climbing your tables or counters, simply put him down with no commentary and praise him every time you catch him doing what you want him to do. If he’s sitting near the table while you’re eating, give him a treat and an ear rub and praise him. You’ll soon find him doing this on a regular basis. If he jumps up on the table, pick him up, and place him in the other room with no comment. It’s not difficult to redirect a cat if you understand them.


    • If your cat isn’t using the litter box correctly there’s a reason and it’s your job to figure out that reason. Take him to the vet. A sudden change in litter box habits can be a sign of a medical issue. It can be a minor one like a UTI or a major one like FLUTD. Medical issues are a simple thing to handle with diet or medication. If it’s not medical, it becomes more complicated, but it’s not impossible. Did you change anything in the environment?

    New family member/litter/moved box/vacation away you name it! maltipoo  hate change. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting a higher sided box. Sometimes it’s cats fighting over resources. Optimally you should have 1 box more than the number of cats you have, and they should be spread apart as much as possible. If you have 2 cats and 3 boxes side by side, they see that as one. If one is blocking the other from the box, someone isn’t using the box.
    If you want to adopt a cat as your ESA, you require an ESA letter. But if you don’t know what an ESA looks like, you should contact online service to provide you with an ESA letter sample. The sample letter will wipe the ambiguities out of your mind regarding the ESA letter.
    I hope the above information will not only help you with handling your emotional support cat but also help you understand the importance of ESA letter.
    Enjoy and have fun with your  sheepadoodle 


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