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    6 months, 3 weeks ago
    Hello. Pardon me if I am a bit unfamilar with the mechanics of these discussion groups. I have read and recommend Zubrin’s “Case for Space” & other works.
    Question: Were the figures for the chemical reactions – RWGS, Sabatier, etc available somewhere in a spread-sheet format, or simulation code? Are there spreadsheets or (e.g. MATLAB) simulations available that, for a mock Mar base, can track propellant, thermal and electical usage and production? I’d hoped to find this at, but have not. Such a simulation would be informative and maybe more interesting than the silliness of “Red Planet Farming” on Steam.

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    • Good question as to the analog sites data for use to reverse engineer the amount of each that we would need for a real mars location. has a large amount of information buried within the many forums topics which does include the analog sites as well. We currently have the registrations closed to slow and stop the general low levels of use in hopes to attract new members to add to discusions that are ongoing. You can contact me and I will send the email login so that you can gain access to a user profile to login with to post. Upon logging in change the profile data so as to keep it for your use.


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