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    4 months, 2 weeks ago
    I think Mars govenment should be a representative democracy that sets it’s agenda with a time slice chair system. There should be 1 representtive for every 10 thousand adults. Districts genneraly containing 50 thousand adults, having each adult select 5 representatives in a ranked choice system.

    Some rare districts may have as litttle as 30 thousand adults or as many as 80 thousand. As an example, a colony of 1 million people would have 100 representatives. Each representative would get a 5-day work week every 100 weeks to propose any legislation, hold any discussion, and call any vote. There may also be a presedent elected by the voters with veto power. The presedent’s veto may be overturned with a super majority.

    Does anyone know much about comparative political systems? Where can I find more ideas about possible Mars governments?

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