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    9 months, 4 weeks ago
    I propose 3 objectives for a human settlement on Mars:
    • To be a backup for humanity if all the humans on Earth die.
    • To provide companionship to the robot inhabitants of Mars.
    • To fix robots on Mars if they get stuck and cannot fix themselves.
    What other objective would you like to include?
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    • I wouldn’t be original but:
      * To support mining in the Main Asteroid Belt.
      Mars is much closer than Earth and with significantly lower gravity thus it would be much easier for mining ships to travel between Mars and the Belt and also lift necessary provisions off the surface than between Earth and the Belt.

      • That’s a cool idea. I hadn’t heard of that prospect. I just Googled “asteroid composition” and apperently some astorids have quadrillions of dollers worth of materials. . I guess Martians would use some of the material for space platforms, some on Mars and some would be sold on Earth.

      • Oh I misread that infographic. It’s quintillions of dollers rathder then quadrillions of dollers. I guess a quintillion is a thousand quadrillion. Anyway it’s a mind boggoling quantity.

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