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  • Towards the end of “The Case for Mars” RZ mentioned “Panspermia” – which I’ve been resding about. It seems like a very very interesting and highly credible proposition – and kind of puts the objective of looking for life on Mars or even that it has ever existed to be moot. Interested in other viewpoints on this?
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    • I haven’t read that book. I’m guessing “Panspermia” is talking about those little bubbles found in some Mars meterites? They could be fossles of microscopic life, the kind that started on Mars and spread to Earth or they could just be bubbles.

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Patrick is a software developer with a degree in Computer Science from the University of California Riverside. He has over 8 years of paid work experience. He is a single father. His daughter was born in 2017. He tries to meet 2.33 new people everyday. He is an aspiring artist with an emphasis in street art.

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