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  • What do you think would be most effective for the⛺ settlement of a partial society on Mars 🌔? Individual dwellings or “domes” or a citadel covered by a dome 🏜️?

    I would like to know your opinion 🙂

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    • Excellent point, been thinking a lot about this.
      TL:DR currently I’m in favour of smaller domes short term, one big dome long term.
      My thinking is currently as follows: the stress on a habitat wall increases as the cross sectional area of the dome (hence with square of radius) and the thickness must increase linearly to counter it. Since the…Read More

      • Individual dwellings like MARSHA mean that you have to get in a space suit or special pressurized vehicle just to leave the “house”. That would lead to a lack of community cohesion, feelings of isolation & confinement, and depression. We are all familiar with that this year–COVID19 has produced a wealth of valuable data on people coping with…Read More

      • very true every ton of materials to build withtakes away from other things that we need on Mars. One way to save on some things its to make as much as we can from Mars its self. Power is limited if going with just a solar battery system and getting others to want to sent a nuclear reactor even in the 10W size means we would want more than 1 per…Read More

  • Its hard to believe I was last on 10 months ago.. Contests are great as they bring out of the box thinkers into the perspective of mars life and settlement designs for sure. As much as the tried and true methods of earth will apply for mars its that starting insitu deficet that we must over come from gathering to processing materials to make use of.
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    • Yes indeed! I’ve been thinking a lot about what materials are easy to get and make use of given what we have available. That competition was amazing though, glad to hear I wasn’t the only one to enter, best of luck/hopefully we get to see each other in the virtual Mars convention in October! 🙂

      • I have not gotten to this web site often enough but if you would like to discuss and see what else can be done you might go over to the We have a large amount of information buried within the many forums topics which does include the analog sites as well. We currently have the registrations closed to slow and stop the…Read More

  • So you want to grow food on mars, Well what are we going to grow it within for a chamber as mars is hostile. Over on Newmars forums we are talking about of all that it will take to get man to mars and have the ability to stay.
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